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Credit Assurance.

Win up to 70% more bids with us!  We finance up to 100% of the cost of Purchase Orders for Government supply contractors nationwide.

Our Guiding Business Philosophy

To provide better access to capital and credit for small businesses.


According to the 2021 Small Business Credit Survey from the Federal Reserve Banks, 81% of firms either had a financing shortfall or had unmet funding needs.

The Business Credit Problem

There are no privately held institutional credit guarantors to finance small balance Purchase Orders for small, woman owned, minority, or veteran supply contractors to establish or extend credit with their suppliers to fulfill contracts.  Each year, government agencies at all levels award or seek to award supply contracts to small businesses that may be larger than their supplier credit limits or available liquidity.

To fix this problem, we went to work and created...

Business Credit Assurance

  • Our bright new idea.

    To  create a funding solution to allow small contractors access to working capital and business credit by using their future Accounts Receivable assets to finance Purchase Orders.

  • We conduct bid data research.

    We monitor and analyze agency spending data to determine what categories of products government agencies regularly purchase and identify key purchasing contacts in the agencies.

  • We send invitations to business owners.

    Next we conduct online seminars and training workshops to educate business owners about how to win government bids.

  • We partner with suppliers.

    We partner with U.S. manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers to provide net credit terms and direct ship products for vendors to fulfill Purchase Orders from agencies.

  • We developed bid price analytics software.

    We built a nested series of mathematical regression algorithms to determine competitive and profitable pricing to increase our subscriber's win rates up to 70% on supply bid opportunities.

  • We provide Business Credit Assurance.

    We facilitate small business growth by providing payment assurances and reporting company trade credit histories.

Selling on credit and buying on cash will always drain your bank account; therefore, if you sell on credit, then you must buy on credit..." -Erv Hughes

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